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Leo Lionni

Page history last edited by Cheryl Madden 6 years, 10 months ago

Today in Library we will learn about the author Leo Lionni.

















 Click here to visit a website with more information about Leo Lionni!




The library is full of many books written by many different authors.  We are going to begin to look at some books that are all written by the same author--Leo Lionni! 




First, we will read the book Swimmy, by Leo Lionni, to identify one way we are like the main character.

Think about how Swimmy looks, acts, speaks, and feels.


I am like Swimmy because...



Leo Lionni.flipchart



Today in Library we will read the book Frederick to identify the main character's traits.


Frederick (1986) from waanaki on Vimeo.



Today in Library we will read the book Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse to identify the main character's traits.




Lionni Characters.flipchart

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