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Cause and Effect

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Today we will learn about cause and effect in order to describe the relationship between ideas or events in a reading selection.



Warm Up:

TTYN (Turn to your neighbor).

Identify possible synonyms for the words "cause" and "effect."


Brainstorm some ideas:

Give an example of a cause/effect relationship. For example, a "cause" might be getting three feet of snow. Possible "effects" of that snow might be...


Try a Few More:

Cause (reason) Effect (result)
boy planting tree  
funny joke  
  flat tire
  broken window




"Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer"


Let's use Kidspiration software to demonstrate our understanding of cause and effect relationships in "The Great Wall" (Houghton Mifflin Anthology, pgs. 391 - 401).







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