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Internet Safety

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4th Grade 




Lesson 1

Today we will identify rules that will help us to stay safe on the internet.



  • In person, with your parents and relatives, is one thing...
  • But what kind of information is it okay to share on the internet?
  • TTYN (Talk to Your Neighbor) and discuss.



Content used with permission from The CyberSmart! Education Company


 "Online Safety"



"Staying Safe on the Internet"




Exit Ticket:

  • Identify a rule that can help you stay safe on the internet.

  • Write your answer on an exit ticket, and put it in the basket as you line up.








Lesson 2


Today we will identify behaviors that could be considered cyberbullying and explain how the behaviors are harmful.








Lesson 3


Today we will illustrate a solution to cyberbullying by creating a cartoon.


Comic Strip Assignment











5th Grade






Little Red in Cyberspace


Online Safety Lesson One (5th Grade)


Today we are going to learn about ways that we can stay safe online.

Online Safety Lesson Two (5th Grade)


Today we will be able to determine whether a website protects our privacy.


Online Safety Lesson Three (5th Grade)


Today we will be able to define cyberbullying and describe at least three bystander behaviors that could prevent cyberbullying.


Online Safety Lesson Four (5th Grade)


Today we will explain at least three bystander behaviors that can prevent cyberbullying in order to write a "Bystander Pledge."


Online Safety Extension Activity (5th Grade)


Today we will visit the FBI's "Safe Online Surfing" website to apply our new learning.




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