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Intermediate Grades

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Today in Library we will work in teams

to complete a "scavenger hunt"

in order to learn library rules.



Directions - Part 1:


1.  Read the index cards on your table.

2.  Discuss with your tablemates in which area of the library 

     each item is found.

3.  Walk to that area and post each index card.

4.  Return to your table and be seated.



What is the "Golden Rule"?





What does that mean?





Directions - Part 2:


  1. Each table has been assigned several items/areas of the library.
  2. Discuss with your tablemates some appropriate rules for each item/area.
  3. Write your rules as positive statements.
  4. Have your recorder write the rules.
  5. Your presenter will share your table's rules with the class.






Today in Library we will review

the "five-finger rule"

in order to select and check out a book!






Today in Library we will review the

Destiny online library catalog

in order to locate and check out a book.







Today in Library we will visit the BCPS databases

to learn more about our favorite topics!




Which of these databases have you already used/seen?



We can also use these databases

on our home computers!

For free!

Take home a list of usernames and passwords, and share them with your parents.





Click on the icon above to access the Internet Safety units!



Please click on the subject areas below

and enjoy these resources!






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